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ChemStation Buffalo

Boat Cleaning Industry

Boat Cleaning Industry chemistry at ChemStation Buffalo

The ChemStation Buffalo system offers custom-formulated, biodegradable, water-based products designed to service the boating industry. We offer products to clean water scum, algae, and marine growth from the bottom of boats. Soap buyers at marinas are drawn to the low odor characteristics of our products, the ChemStation Buffalo system, and the advantages of foaming applications as an alternative to spraying straight acid through a pump-up sprayer.

  • Safe, effective alternatives to harsh acids used to clean fiberglass and painted boats.
  • Cleans grime, fungus, and mold from barges.

ChemStation Buffalo offers a bilge cleaner that is:

  • A highly concentrated, mildly alkaline cleaner formulated specifically for use as a fuel tank and bilge cleaner for sea-going vessels.
  • Can be used in high salinity applications.

ChemStation Buffalo the Western New York Solution

ChemStation Buffalo proudly specializes in providing our customers with the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products and industrial cleaning products.