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Concrete Form Release

Concrete Form Release chemistry at ChemStation Buffalo

ChemStation Buffalo’s concrete form release solutions allow parking blocks to literally fall out of the forms, completely clean with a buttery smooth surface. Good for culverts, handicap ramps, K-rails, concrete pipes and other forms. Our custom-formulated, environmentally friendly form release solutions are manufactured locally and delivered to refillable containers. And, they’re non-staining and have a pleasant odor.

Other reasons to choose ChemStation Buffalo's form release:

  • Promotes stripping
  • Eliminates bugholes
  • Will not affect the adhesion of caulks, paints, or coatings
  • Can be applied in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Provides architectural-grade results
  • Are water-based and oil-based

ChemStation Buffalo the Western New York Solution

ChemStation Buffalo proudly specializes in providing our customers with the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products and industrial cleaning products.