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ChemStation Buffalo

Car Wash and Car Care Industry

Car Wash and Car Care Industry chemistry at ChemStation Buffalo

In an ever-changing industry, ChemStation Buffalo meets the needs of the vehicle cleaning market with quality products that are custom-formulated to meet exacting specifications…for full-service, in-bay, self-serve, friction rollover, and touchless carwashes.

  • Low- and high-foam presoaks
  • Foaming soap for wands
  • Foam brush system
  • High-foaming friction soap
  • Touchless presoaks/detergents
  • Triple color foam detergents/waxes
  • Wheel/tire cleaner
  • Rinse/drying agents
  • Clear coat conditioners
  • Windshield cleaning fluid

ChemStation Buffalo offers a wide variety of chemical air fresheners, encapsulants and deodorizers to rid vehicle interiors of unwanted aromas as well as custom-formulated products to clean upholstery, carpet, and other interior surfaces of vehicles.

ChemStation Buffalo the Western New York Solution

ChemStation Buffalo proudly specializes in providing our customers with the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products and industrial cleaning products.