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ChemStation Buffalo

Poultry Industry

Poultry Plant and Processing chemistry at ChemStation Buffalo

To meet the specialized industrial cleaning and sanitation chemical needs of the poultry processing industry, ChemStation Buffalo manufactures water-based, biodegradable sanitation and process chemicals that:

  • Are blends of synthetic industrial detergents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents.
  • Span the foaming spectrum from no-foam to high-foam.
  • Are safe to use on aluminum and other soft metal surfaces, and plastics.
  • Work effectively in hard or soft water and require no special softness or additives.
  • Will not dull, waterspot, nor streak equipment surfaces.

A full line of alkaline cleaners, acid cleaners, CIP and COP products, and sanitizers is available. Our inventory of industrial detergents and environmentally friendly chemicals also includes high-speed line lubes and drain cleaners. We also meet USDA guidelines for use in federally-inspected meat, poultry, and egg processing plants.

ChemStation Buffalo’s delivery system eliminates potential environmental contamination from discarded containers and saves you time and money on hidden costs for ordering, receiving, storing, disposing, and handling.

ChemStation Buffalo the Western New York Solution

ChemStation Buffalo proudly specializes in providing our customers with the highest quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products and industrial cleaning products.